3 Top Training Tips from Last year’s Winner… and he’s running for a reason

17 August 2017

3 Top Training Tips from Last year’s Winner… and he’s running for a reason

Reigning Pub2Pub Men’s Titleholder, Michael Tozer, made headlines this week as the first participant wearing a ‘costume’ to cross the Finish Line in this year’s City2Surf. He ran the entire 14km of the race wearing a suit and tie and still finished in 50 minutes and 57 seconds … only some 8 minutes behind the overall men’s winner! And he beat ‘Superman’ too!

He’s backing up in the 25th Anniversary Pub2Pub this year to try and better his 2016 P.B. … and while he won’t be running the Pub2Pub ‘in costume’, Michael is running for a cause close to his heart. His aim is to draw attention and raise much needed funds for the Fragile X Association of Australia – an organisation that supports those affected by a condition that afflicts his six-year-old son Josiah. 

Top 3 Training Tips for Last 10 Days

We asked Michael, as the reigning P2P titleholder, if he had any Last Minute Training Tips for runners in this year’s race. He’s actually a marathon runner and so doesn’t need to ‘taper’ for the Pub2Pub, but he still had some great advice for the mere mortals among us:

  1. “10 days out, I think it’s important to do some workouts at your actual ‘Race Pace’. For example, this morning I did four sets of 5 minutes each, at what I consider will be my race pace on the day.
  2. “My 2nd Tip is to do some interval training involving running up a hill.
  3. “And finally, remember that Hydration is very important. Two days out from the race, get lots of water into you.”

Fragile X is a ‘virtually unknown’ intellectual disability, yet it’s the most common single genetic cause of autism around the world, occurring in one child born in Australia every week and in an estimated 5 per cent of all people diagnosed with autism. Those affected display developmental delays and behavioural and learning challenges.

A software developer ‘by day’, Michael has taken his passion a step further by launching a new business in Manly called Xceptional - a startup that employs people with autism to provide software testing. Their strengths often include enhanced pattern recognition, sustained concentration and precision – the attributes of exceptional testing engineers.

Originally from the UK, Michael has only called Australia home for the last 18 months. He’s looking forward to hearing the Starter’s Gun on Sunday week. “As a newcomer to Sydney, I enjoy both the Pub2Pub and the City2Surf, but the Pub2Pub definitely has better views. They both have big hills to navigate but the Pub2Pub has more variety throughout the course and you’re not running on as many concrete roads. In essence, you get to see the best of the northern beaches in around 50 minutes!”

So there you have it – 3 Top Last Minute Training Tips from one of the best to ever run the Pub2Pub… listen and learn ‘grasshoppers’.

Footnote: Michael hopes to create an entry in the Guinness Book of Records this September when he runs the Sydney Marathon … he would become the first man to complete the full 42.195km of a major marathon, wearing a suit!


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