Focus Health Training bids to make the Top 5

9 August 2017

Focus Health Training bids to make the Top 5

Focus Health Training is a small studio in Warriewood that offers personal training for individuals and small groups. The philosophy of new owners Madi Rees and Tana Anderson is simply that it’s great to keep healthy and active at any age and they provide a safe and supportive environment in which to do so.

Many of the people who train at Focus have been doing so for years and have formed a close knit community of friends. They’re entering Pub2Pub as part of their training, but also just to do something as a group while having a great time together. The Team numbers 19 so far and is hopeful of growing it to around 30… which would give them a great chance of being among the prizewinners in the ‘Teams’ category.

The Focus Team is splitting over two course distances – the 13km and 6km – and all Team Members are looking forward to meeting up at Newport to swap race stories over a well-earned drink.  Many are bringing along friends and family members and Co-Owner, Tana says: “We’re really looking forward to meeting new people who are part of our ‘extended Focus family’. It’s going to be a fun day.”

The Focus Team is yet to nominate a Fundraising cause, but is keen to support an organisation dealing with the mental health issues so prevalent in today’s society. “We all know someone who’s affected by depression or other mental illness”, says Tana, “… so any money we raise will go towards helping them.” Good luck to Focus Health Training!

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