Top 5 Training Tips for New Mums

27 July 2017

Top 5 Training Tips for New Mums


New mum and two time P2P winner back for another shot at glory!


Interview with Reegan Ellis – P2P 13km fastest female 2015, 2016

REEGAN: “I’ve been running in the Pub2Pub since the late 1990s. I was a teenager in my last year at school when I first entered the event… that’s when it was still from the Dee Why Hotel to the Newport Arms.

“I did take a hiatus in my early 20s, but have been pretty consistent since then and have run in the Pub2Pub the last five years straight (Author’s note: running the fastest time of any female in both 2015 and 2016).

“While I’ve never done it professionally, running is my passion – whether the Parkrun at Curl Curl every Saturday, or Trail Running, Soft Sand events or even Adventure Races, which I’ve entered a few times. (Author’s Note: an Adventure Race is a non-stop, mixed gender event that combines two or more disciplines and involves teamwork and navigation using a map and compass.)

“I run for pure enjoyment, but of course, it also keeps me fit and healthy. I actually seem to be improving with age! I’m now a 37 year old mum and since having my first child in 2015, I’ve won the Pub2Pub twice, running my fastest times. There’s a lot of evidence that shows women do have the capacity to increase their athletic performance post-pregnancy, due to physiological and hormonal changes in their bodies.

“I have competed in many major organised running events, including the City2Surf several times, (the last in 2013). I do enjoy the experience and it’s a great course, but there’s just too many people for me… it’s so busy.

“The Pub2Pub though holds a special place in my heart. Amazingly, I met my partner Darrel while competing in the event in 2012… literally on the course! Five years and two kids later, we still share a passion for running.

“That year we met, I actually beat him over the Finish Line by 20 seconds. That must still prove a motivation for him, because I’ve never beaten him since.

“The other thing I love about the Pub2Pub as a local is that for me, it’s like running home… I live in Newport! I only gave birth to my new little baby five weeks ago, so I doubt if I’ll have time to train properly for the 13km event this year. However I may very well run one of the shorter courses over 6km or 3km… probably running with a group of other mums, all of us pushing prams!”


Reegan Ellis – Top 5 Training Tips for New Mums

  • Listen to your body… if you’re coming back to running after having a baby, or even after injury for that matter, don’t rush back to your old training schedule too soon. Listen to your body when it tells you something is aching and ease off so it doesn’t. Build up gradually until you’re ready to resume your former training regimen. It’s all about slow progression. Remember you’re still recovering and stay calm and controlled, even when you’re feeling good and your instinct tells you that you just want to run further or increase your intensity.


  • Warming up is so important… Remember, the Pub2Pub is a winter event and it can be cold when the race starts in the morning. That’s why it’s important for everyone to warm up and get moving before a race, so your muscles, tendons and joints are prepared for the physical exertion of running. This is particularly important when you’re resuming exercise after being injured. That’s when your muscles and tendons are most likely to be tight. (N.B. Post-pregnancy can be different as your ligaments can actually become more limber due to hormonal changes).


  • Quality over Quantity… Having kids certainly changes your life. For starters, your every day timetable gets thrown out the window. Whatever time you were previously dedicating to training is now reduced to perhaps an hour at a time, three to four times a week… so you have to make it count! For starters, don’t look for excuses not to train when the opportunities arise. Force yourself to go out and do that run – trust me, you’ll feel better afterwards. And make sure that those 60 minutes are well spent, doing the type of training that will help you return to the type of running you want to do.


  • Be event specific… Whatever Pub2Pub course option you choose, you know there are going to be some hills involved… so train for them! Go for your run and then at the end, take on a hill when you’re a little fatigued. I use the south side of Newport Hill for example, but anything similar is fine. Even if you’re doing the 6km run from Warriewood, that run at the start, straight up North Narrabeen, is nasty! Be prepared.


  • Do some Strength Training… It’s not necessary to spend hours in the gym lifting heavy weights, but strength training is very important when it comes to your running performance. You need to strengthen your body from the inside out (if that makes sense), particularly as a new mum. So do strengthening exercises for your core, hips and ‘glutes’ in particular.
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