Group Registration

Creating, Joining and Managing Teams

  • Creating a Team - You can start a new team or join an existing team either as an Individual or as Family (3 to 4 family members).  Each team requires a Team Leader. The person who Creates the Team is automatically the team leader.  If a Family is creating a team, the person who registered for the whole family becomes the Team Leader. Subsequently, each additional member of the team, whether registering as an Individual or a Family (3-4 family members), has to have a registration profile.
    • To create a team, first register your Contact Details, select your Runner Type (Individual or Family), select your Course - 13km, 6km or 3km). You can then set up your Team.
  • Adding Members to your Team - As a Team Leader, you can add members to your Team yourself, but you will need their complete registration profile (ie. contact details, birthdate, emergency contact info., course -13km, 6km or 3km, fundraising preference) and you will need to pay for members you add to your Team. OR you can invite members to join your Team. Just let them know your Team Name so they can search for it when they register and Join your Team.
    • Once you've created your team, proceed to the Payment page and select 'Add Person' and enter their registration details. Repeat this process for every member you wish to add to your Team.
    • Each team member can choose whichever course they wish to run - 13km, 6km, 3km and still be part of the same Team.
  • Managing a Team - Once you've created your Team, you can go back at any time to add more members to your team. You can manage your team using the Pub2Pub Portal. You will need your Account # or e-mail address and password to log in.
  • Joining a Team - To join a Team, you must know the Team Name you wish to join. Proceed with registration by submitting your Contact Details, selecting your Runner Type (Individual or Family), and your Course - 13km, 6km or 3km). Select 'Join an Existing Team' and search for the Team Name you wish you join.


Family Registration

Pub2Pub is a family-friendly fun run that offers special reduced pricing for family registrations. Each Family Pack is open to between 3 to 4 family members.

  • All the members of the Family must run in the same course (e.g. all must run in the 6km, you cannot have 2 running in the 13km and 2 in the 6km). If your family members wish to run different courses, we suggest you either enter as a Team or just enter as separate Individuals. Note that the Family Pack reduced pricing can only be applied to families running the same course.
  • If a Family wishes to create or join a Team, the whole Family becomes part of that Team.
  • Sunnyfield
  • Bear Cottage
  • Children's cancer institute
  • Life Education
  • NBI