What people like about Pub2Pub


"General atmosphere and comradery of all the contestants was brilliant"

"Interesting but challenging course"

"Volunteers cheering and encouraging"

"The new course - beautiful views along the way and not all main road"

"The keeping away from main roads where possible, didn't have to stop once for traffic"

"It was really well organised"

"Great atmosphere and community. Lots of people being active together"

"Festival finish"

"The atmosphere, and all the people cheering"

"Less main road crossings, good route on paths"

"Running along the coastal foreshore, it is amazing scenery"

"The 3km event for those who prefer"

"The friendly vibe amongst runners"

"I liked the new finish location"

"Friendly atmosphere, nice volunteers"

"The route was really scenic!"

"Brilliant organisation - you can tell it's been running for a long time"

 "Community feel"


"It's always good whatever the weather"

"Well managed like usual"

"The team atmosphere for charity"


Feedback received from the 2015 & 2016 Pub2Pub surveys

  • Sunnyfield
  • Bear Cottage
  • Children's cancer institute
  • Life Education
  • NBI